Writers To Be Inspired By: Meet Nisha

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am Nisha Lanae, a Writer, Published Author, Publisher and CEO of Concrete Rose Publications, LLC and Radio Personality for a Blog Talk Radio called Unfiltered Talk Radio that airs every Friday on The Urban Literary Network.

How did you get started as a writer?

I have always wanted to write since I was in middle school.  I decided at age 15, I was going to be a writer. I joined a authors Facebook group after reading his work and from there I expressed my desire to write and wrote my first eBook which is now a full novel titled Dice…The Queen of Murder.  He liked the story and published me.

Did you always want to be a writer?

When I was much younger I wanted to be a hairstylist. My family is full of them and I thought I was pretty skilled in hair. I didn’t settle on actually being a writer until after I had my first dose of Zane, Omar Tyree and Sister Souljah.

What have you written?

I have written 4 books, written blog posts for The Urban Literary Review and I am working on building my own Blog #iAmTheConreteRose and I have been featured on several literary platforms.

Tell us about your other entrepreneurial endeavors.

I am currently working on learning the ends and out to writing script to do a YouTube web Series and stage play.  I am also working on writing my very first prayer/ Inspirational guide.

How did you get started in each of your entrepreneurial careers?

I started to connect with authors via Facebook groups and shared my love of the books I have read and that I also wanted to write.  I am a big YouTube web series junkie and want to try my hand in that.

When you started your career, were you surrounded by a support unit?

Sadly I was not. To this day I am not. 

If not, how did you stay motivated through the rough patches?

Sadly, I come from a huge family and the support for me and anything I have done has never been a big deal to anyone, outside of my father. My father passed a month before I released my very first published work.  Not having my father here to see me doing what I love is what keeps me going. Because I have always wanted to make him proud. My younger siblings keep me motivated because I want to not only tell them, but show them that we can be and do whatever we set our minds on. Being a Child of two addicts is hard because family members always throw that in your face and we are deemed doomed because of our parents. My goal is to show, that isn’t true. You can follow your dreams and never let someone’s lack of support stop your grind. 

How do you juggle multiple business endeavors? Any advise for those attempting to do the same?

It’s hard. But, when you are passionate about something you go hard for It. I was once told we work 40 hours a week fulfilling someone else’s dream. You have to put in the work double that to make your dreams work for you. That means putting in the work so your dreams and passion becomes your pay check. I tell everyone. You can set goals and dream about doing anything. But, you have to pray and put in the work to make it happened. Never let the lack of support or peoples negative thoughts cloud your judgement. In the end it’s your life. Don’t let anyone else narrative your story.

Was there ever a time you wanted to give up on any of your entrepreneurial endeavors? What made you keep going?

All the time. I took a 2 year break from writing because I went from having a #1 amazon Best- Selling book to my next book not even selling 100 copies (eBooks) in the very first month. I had to move out my apartment and in with my auntie, I was having health issues and was just doubting if I was meant to be my own Boss. I prayed hard during that time. I would re-read reviews from my other books which gave me the courage to say everybody will not like everything you write. That’s okay. Always make sure you give it your all though. From that day forth, I give it my best and deal with the results as they come.

Did you ever doubt you’d be this successful?

Success to me is being happy with what you are doing. I am happy with what I do and what I have in store to come. I am blessed. There was times I wanted to end my life. Writing and reading soothes me.  But, yes I doubted myself because I wasn’t making the six figures from writing other authors bragged about. I still don’t. But, I don’t write for money. I write because I truly enjoy it. 

How has pursuing your dreams changed your life?

Not really. LoL I am the same ole’ girl from South Central LA. A lot of people are not surprised I am a published authors because growing up I have always had a book or magazine with me. Like I love reading and writing.

How important is it for you, to create a good work/life balance?

I still work a 40 hour job. So for me writing and running a radio show and still working it is very important to me to create a good balance so that I don’t get stressed out where I want to shut down or pull out my hair.  So I have to set goals on hours to write and promote, marketing, research authors and bloggers to interview, answering author’s questions. I also try to write in between calls and chat’s at work and email it to myself. I work in a call center. You have to make your day work for you. 

How important is it for a buddying writer/ entrepreneur to network and build relationships?

It’s so important. It’s always important to have others around you in the same industry. So many have more information then you. I have an author friend I met at an event who is super good with outlining stories which I suck at. I am freestyle writer. I like to sit at the computer and let my mind and fingers run loose. I just met an authors who is good at creating press kits which is a major part in marketing your books and self to book stores.

What qualities do you look for in professionals that you work with?

Goal diggers, those who grind and those who want to continue to learn more. I cannot stand a person who thinks they know it all. The industry is ever-changing. New and improved things are coming along you have to always be ready to learn and do new things. So when I encounter new people those are some of the things I want to see and things I pay attention to.

What’s the best advice you can give aspiring writers/ entrepreneurs?

Write every day. It can be just an idea that you wrote down. The way you want the character to look, say something, do something. Get in the habit of using all the spare time you can to write. Set goals for yourself and make it your mission to get them done. Starting February 1st I am making it my mission to write a minimum of 500 words a day for the whole month which equals about 14lk words. I tell everyone to start with 500 because you will exceed that and feel better then setting a 2,500 goal and only write 1,500. Make a plan and stick to it. 

What’s next for you? Where do you see your brand and company(ies) in the next few years?

My short term goal is to launch my website, my blog, sign some authors and do a book tour. My long term goals is to quit my 9-6 day job, write and produce a web series, stage play and to open up a center for women and young girls.

Where can we connect with you to support your work?

At this time my books can be purchased online at Amazon.com, Barnes and Nobel or directyly from me by sending me a message on Facebook or Instagram. My social media handles are .

Facebook…Nisha Lanae 

Twitter …pendiva_nisha

Instagram… pendiva_nishalanae 

My companies IG handles are @concreterosepublications and @unfilteredtalkradio