Tell Your Story Submission: Eva Pasco's Story

Tell us a little about yourself.

At the age of twelve, I pounded the keys on my girly-pink Tom Thumb typewriter to compose several mysteries and serial spy thrillers. In high school, I wrote a romance novella which earned its place on a library shelf.  A Jill-of-all-Trades in the progression of life—a factory fatale gluing eyes on pairs of lion slippers at Capitol Heel Lining; collating booklets at Sidney-Higgins Bookbinding; contending with all the sordid details at H & H Screw Products; teaching in the third-grade classroom trenches. Midlife restlessness revived my flair for writing.  A lifelong Rhode Islander, I incorporate geographic entities, historic references, and regional culture in my Contemporary Women’s Fiction novels:

My debut novel, UNDERLYING NOTES (2008) was autobiographically motivated by my ongoing fragrance obsession and knowledge of perfume.

My second novel and recent launch is AN ENLIGHTENING QUICHE (September 20, 2016).  Set in the fictitious, French-Canadian mill town of Beauchemins, the book was autobiographically inspired by the beloved, close-knit community of Manville in the town of Lincoln, Rhode Island, where I taught elementary school for 29 years.

Another inspiration behind the storytelling stemmed from wanting to preserve my own history by resurrecting the antiquated, labor-intensive jobs I performed working at Sidney-Higgins Bookbinding Co. for two summers during college vacation: collating, hole-punching, feeding the saddle-stitcher, and combing.

What was your greatest adversity?

The first adversity affecting the writing process occurred during the drafting of my second novel which I had begun while awaiting publication of my debut novel.  I’ll define this adversity as an “occupational hazard” of a newbie Indie author discovering I had to market and promote my first novel. So, having written three chapters for the second, I set the manuscript aside, fully intending to get back to it—soon!

Punching a time card in 2008, I began binge writing my way out of obscurity by adding dimension to the art of storytelling.  Having grown up in the Sixties, I drew upon those experiences to compose my first Memoir, “A Mini Tribute” (to Twiggy), and submitted it for publication at ‘The Sixties Official Site.’ When the webmaster graciously invited me to write more, and offered to set up my own page there, I eagerly accepted and turned out a Memoir every week for approximately two years, totalling100. I then composed over two dozen “Retro 60s Flashbacks” to add to my repertoire at “The Sixties with Eva Pasco” page. Far out! Celebrating nine years on the web, earning the accolade, “Baby Boomer’s Top Choice Sixties Website,” I’m proud to be an integral part.

In conjunction with the setting of Rhode Island in my first novel as well as the second I had put aside—‘An Enlightening Quiche’—it inspired me to write ezine articles on glorifying my state’s classic foods, historic landmarks, tourist attractions, and cultural idiosyncrasies. Each essay posted for posterity at Authors Den is prefaced with “Rhode Read.”

Between all of this writing frenzy and marketing the first novel, the manuscript lay dormant. 

However, I’ll define the greatest adversities coming around the bend as “life’s hairpin turns,” the first of which was my divorce after 23 years of marriage. This constituted a 360-degree spin of acclamation.

Not long after the dust settled in my new surroundings, my mother’s health declined which necessitated stepping up my role as caregiver on a daily basis until she could move to an assisted living residence.  The move itself generated its own agenda of packing up all belongings and selling her condo.

So, more at stake than neglect, abandonment, or laziness—priorities negated progress by depleting my energy and stifling ambition.

How did you overcome it?

Respecting why others cannot overcome their adversities for the extenuating circumstances they find themselves in, I was only able to overcome my writing freeze because my situation improved.  When I could see my way clear in 2015, perseverance and determination took me to the finish line of my second novel in March of 2016, when I submitted it for publication, having produced  approximately 118, 300 words over the course of 36 chapters.

How did it change you and what did you learn in the process?

Adversity made me realize how important writing is to me no matter what tolls I have to pay.  I’ve learned to covet each moment I have available for devoting time to the craft, be it fabricating, composing, editing, or marketing and promoting. 

How do you use your story to help others?

I have only elaborated my story for this feature, merely citing in my book bio that it took me approximately 8 years to write and publish my second novel due to life’s hairpin turns. 

What advice do you have for people who have gone through similar situations? 

Despite setbacks, every prospective author must heed their own biological clock for determining when to write the story they are destined to tell.

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