Book Review: Meeting of the Mustangs

This book is written by Cathy Kennedy and tells the story of a black mustang horse, that was born in the wild. If you are an animal person this book is for you. Cathy does a good job at describing the life of horses in the wild and all the dangers, obstacles and predators they have to face to survive. There were heart-tugging moments that made you sympathize with the horses and the loss of their band members to attacks and other environmental factors.

Cathy either did a lot of research or is very knowledgeable about horses, either way, she did a great job in providing information about how they live in bands, how the bands travel, separate and amalgamate with other bands when necessary.

She also gave a very interesting perspective on how horses may actually feel when captured by humans in an attempt to train and tame them. The black mustang in this book didn’t like the idea of being tamed against his will and escaped captivity several times, before deciding to yield to one particular human.  

This isn’t a book that I would regularly pick up, but I did enjoy it. It’s a nice quick read and a compelling story. I found myself falling in love with the strong-willed horse and his need to be free and to live life by his own rules. I was interested in getting to the end and figuring out how his story would unwind and what kind of life he would have, whether it be in the wild or if he would be finally captured and tamed.

With that said, I was a bit disappointed in the ending, because I feel that it’s a bit too open ended. There are a lot of questions that aren’t answered and we are left to assume what is going to happen. As wild and as fierce as the young horse was throughout the book, being left to assume that he finally just gave in to being captured by a human, Tyler, who once helped the young horse out of a sticky situation, just seems so unrealistic, especially when he resisted captivity, with equally as suitable and kind owners, well after his initial run-in with Tyler. I find myself wishing there was more built on the storyline of their budding relationship.

I would definitely recommend this book for teens and young adults who are looking for a light quick read and who are crazy over the animal kingdom. Cathy Kennedy is a budding skilled writer and she knows how to tell a good story that you will enjoy.