Tell Your Story Submission: J. Saman's Story

How did you overcome your greatest adversity?

This question scares me! I feel like if I give the wrong answer I won't get into college or something. Only kidding! This type of question is actually one of my favorites because adversity is something that absolutely everyone has faced, endured and hopefully come out on the other side of. 

The truth of it is that when I was eighteen, I suffered a very real bought of depression. Not just your typical run of the mill blues, but severe suicidal thoughts, to the point where I stopped eating and could barely get out of bed. I was away at college and after making the choice to come back home, things only seemed to get worse. My mother would wake me every day with a promise that I wouldn't kill myself that day. Nothing helped either. Medications and therapy made zero impact. 

In high school, I was a bit of a writer. Just a fun hobby and nothing I was all that into, though I did receive a National Merit Scholarship for some of my writing. So one day, I began writing a story. It didn't have a great deal of form and the characters weren't all that interesting. Except for Kate who had suffered a tremendous loss and was desperately trying to piece her life back together, though she felt like she was losing the battle. I hadn't lost anyone (except myself) but it felt like the same thing to me. So I continued to write this story and I realized in doing it, I found a little more of myself through it. Writing became a source of therapy that I could control and manipulate. Writing became cathartic and the only place I could find any semblance of peace from my overcrowded miserable brain. 

So I wrote. And wrote. And wrote. And little by little, I came out of my depression. It wasn't overnight and it certainly wasn't simple, but it happened and now (18 years later) I am a happy, healthy, well adjusted woman who still loves to write as a form of therapy. Or maybe I just love writing! 

But my book, Start Again, is all about the struggle with trying to find yourself and move past something that came out of nowhere and took over your life. A tragic loss? Heartbreak? Guilt? Moving forward and starting again with your life? It's all in there. And a lot of romance too.  

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