Book Review: Outsiders By Tammy Ferebee

Tammy Ferebee's book Outsiders, is about a young teen named Jaylen, who has had quite a hard life. When her biological mother dies when she's young, Jaylen finds herself being bounced around in the foster system, until she is placed in a loving home with a woman she loves and adores and learns to consider her mother. Unfortunately, that doesn't last and in her last year of high school Jaylen is forced to move to a new city and a new home to start over again.

However, moving comes with some perks. Jaylen finds friends that she feels she can really connect with, finds out the truth about who she is and falls in love with the dreamy Michael. A damper is placed in Jaylen's happiness, when she finds herself stuck in the middle of a war between Michael and her close friend Indigo, who doesn't feel that Michael is deserving of Jaylen's love and affection.

To figure out how this story ends, you need to pick up the book! Tammy does an amazing job at character building in this story and she definitely knows how to build suspense. You can tell that she put a lot of time and effort into plot development because everything flows so smoothly from beginning to end.

The characters are lovable and relatable and trust me you will find yourself picking a side to root for! This book explores some controversial issues like religion, which gives it a lot more depth than your typical young adult/fantasy novel. Tammy has a knack for painting emotions in a way that will pull on your heart strings. You can expect to shed a tear or two.

The only constructive criticism I have, is that the pace was a little bit too slow for my liking. I found that it took too long to build up to the climax. However, I did love how the book ended on a cliff-hanger. There is enough suspense built that I would read a sequel to this book.

I recommend this book for anyone that loves to read books in the young adult section or is actually a young adult. Also, if you are a fan of fantasy books, this one is for you. It's not your typical formula, which makes it fun, fresh and enjoyable.